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Pre-planning your Arrangements
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It is unfortuante, but nearly 70 percent of all funeral arrangements are made by widows or children at a time of loss and emotional stress. By planning in advance you can make important decisions thoroughly, without the stress and grief that accompany the death of a loved one.

By planning ahead, you can protect your loved ones from added emotional and financial stress during their time of grief. Your loved ones will have the reassurance that the arrangements made are what you wanted, rather than leaving others to guess about your preferences. They will know your wishes and can fulfill them.

Some would call it good sense, others an omen of long life. But in either case, preparing for the end of life by making your funeral arrangements before the need arises is a gift of love. Your family or friends will not have to make difficult decisions at the most trying of times. And you can reduce financial burdens on those you leave behind.

Taking care of these arrangements ahead of time is a gift for your survivors.

The Pre-Need program locks in today's prices for all mortuary expenses. When the need arises, your family makes just one phone call, and Groman Mortuary, Inc. FD696 takes care of everything.