Obtaining necessary release forms from the hospital/coroner/other mortuary.  
Contacting physician(s) or coroner for and obtaining a signed Death Certificate.
Filing necessary forms and documents required by the State of California with the health department of the county of death in order to obtain a disposition permit.
Applying for and mailing, by certified mail, certified copies of Death Certificate(s).
Includes re-filing of transit/out of state permit with county of disposition health department for reissuing of California disposition permit. County filing fees included. Also any fees from foreign consulates for shipping out of the country.
Notifying the Social Security Administration.


Includes the use of the preparation room, equipment and materials involved in performing the embalming process. Embalming is a chemical treatment with preservatives of human remains in order to retard decomposition or decay. Except in certain cases, the law does not require embalming. Embalming may be necessary, however, if you select certain funeral arrangements such as: a funeral with viewing, or if the deceased is to be sent across state boundaries in a common carrier, or the receiving state may require embalming to be performed beforehand. If you do not want the embalming service, you usually have the right to choose an arrangement that does not require you to pay for it, such as: direct cremation or direct burial. Embalming performed by California licensed embalmer.


Many families wish us to provide the Rabbi/Cantor/Minister/Priest with the honorarium for the services they perform. This make one less detail for the family to have to concern themselves with at this difficult time. The California Board of Rabbi's has suggested a set fee for their services. We include this fee on our contract and present the officiant with a check at the time of service. Of course, the family may deal directly with the Rabbi/Cantor/Officiant/Priest if they prefer.


A two-line obituary notice will be placed in the Los Angeles Times or the Daily News upon request and at the family's expense. An obituary is automatically placed in the Jewish Journal following its own format, unless otherwise not requested. Of course the family may write their own obituary for El Orador, The Los Angeles Times or another Spanish Journal. They can either place it themselves with any newspaper or submit it to the memorial counselor for placement. Groman Mortuary Inc. (FD696) is not liable for any errors committed by the family.


Groman Mortuary, Inc. (FD696) has a wide selection of caskets in varying styles, please call, email or visit our showroom for further information. 


Limousines can be provided for you at the family's expense.

Whom To Notify

We understand that when the time arrives, you and your family will undoubtedly have many things to consider and arrange, and Groman Mortuary does not expect everyone to remember everything. We have made a checklist for your convenience of whom to contact when a death occurs. We hope this helps in a small way to relieve you of some of the emotional stress you will be under.


Insurance companies

Alumni associations

Internal Revenue Service


IRA account holder

Bank(s), Savings and Loan

Pension or retirement plan administrator

Business partners

Professional/Service organizations

California Franchise Tax Board (or the state where the deceased lived)

Rabbi / Priest / Minister

Social Security Administration

Credit Union

Stock broker



Department of Motor Vehicles

Veterans Administration


Your funeral advisor


Family members

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